Simon and Sarah Kabu eating out

Romantic since day one! Bonfire CEO Kabu on their first date

Bonfire boss Simon Kabu is one romantic man in Kenya.

From treating his wife Sarah Kabu with expensive holidays to buying her expensive gifts.

The Kabus is a story of grass to grace having started their company from scratch before turning it into a million-dollar empire.

In a recent post, Kabu shared a throwback photo of Sarah holding some flowers. He says he has been buying gifts for his wife since their first date.

He wrote;

“Mwanaume ni effort! During our 1st date with @sarahkabu way back in Jan 2008. I brought her flowers. On the background was my Unga Ltd pickup. 2nd date went to her house ( but with my friend Mike) and carried a Teddy bear. Every date I used to take her a gift from perfumes, chocolates, albums and many more. Some costing even less than 100ksh. There was an offer where you could call from 10pm to 6pam at 10bob. I bought her that line. 

What were brought during the first date? How were you iingizwad box? Men how did you iingiza your mresh box?”

In 2017, Kabu brought Nairobi to a standstill when he gifted his wife with a brand new Range Rover, which had an inscribed special message “HBD Sarah”.

Kabu then spiced the gift pack with an Sh120,000 cake for his wife.

Kabu was a conductor before meeting his wife.

In a past interview, Sarah says that when she took Simon to meet her mother she didn’t know he was a conductor.

She related that Simon did a lot of odd jobs back in the day to make ends meet and among them was a conductor.

She narrated,

I never told them because at the time we went home for introductions I did not know, I found out later. my mum valued family a lot and by the time I was 30 she had started getting worried, she always advised me not to be so focused on finding a rich man. I told her I had found someone, she was very supportive because at the time I already had my own car and a decent house.

Simon and Sarah Kabu
Simon presenting his wife Sarah Kabu with a Range Rover on her birthday in 2017

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