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‘Roho ifanye kazi yake!’ Amber Ray not ready to love again

Days after Socialite Amber Ray breaking up with Jamal Marlow, she says she is not ready to date again soon.

The reason the two broke up is not yet known as she has remained mum about it.

She opened up to her fans on her Insta stories that differences made them break up.

Asked if she is ready to love again, the mother of one said;

”I want my heart to just play its role to just pump blood.”

Asked on whether she truly loved Jamal, Amber said;

”And why would i be with someone i don’t love yet i have my money.”

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Jamal Roho Safi
Jamal Roho Safi

She said she is ready to move on like any other person who has been heartbroken.

Amber also responded to a fan who asked what she will do now that she has Jamal’s name tattooed down her spin.

She responded,

“I will draw another one of a dragon on top of that one and life moves one.”

The two allegedly got married early this year Amber Ray becoming Jamal’s second wife.


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