‘My rocky background keeps me going,’ Kenyan actress Neomi Nganga opens up

Kenyan actress and former radio presenter Neomi Nganga life is inspired by her rocky background.
The Style by Neomi founder says that being raised in the slums of Nairobi taught her how to be hardworking.
My background of slums is what keeps me pushing ahead because it was not easy for me especially after losing my mum although my bro were there to support me.
At some time, they (brothers) had to concentrate on their families and I had to pay my rent at the age of 17 years and I don’t share my story for people to sympathize with me ,but to inspire someone else,” said Neomi.
Her advice to people who post their personal life on social media is;
“Social media is there to stay but what some people do, they came forgetting that whatever you post, it will always be there. Whatever content you put out to your fans, that is how you want people to receive you but remember you have children to come and please be sure they will know you through that. people should be wise,”

Different celebrates have worn dresses made from style by Neomi including Krysteen Savane who wore a gorgeous neon green gown with an African print over-skirt to the Oscars.

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