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It’s not easy! Burale says about not engaging in intimacy before marriage (exclusive)

Robert Burale and I spoke this past week. The chocolate-skinned man of God was gracious enough to delve into tough topics that many well-known celebs like skirting.

One of those is about his dating life. Was he seeing someone at the moment? “I don’t have the grace to be single. I will get married soon. I know it will happen one day.”

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When I asked him whether he was seeing anyone special, he was a bit cagey telling me to keep my ear on the ground. He, however, reiterated his earlier point that he hadn’t been born to be single for the rest of his life.

Burale made me chuckle when he confessed that staying single for the rest of his life was something that he didn’t want to do cause it would be too tough for him, especially in the part of s3xual matters.

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My message to youth at the moment is about purity and it would be bad for me to go and have s3x despite what I am preaching. I can tell you that It’s not easy!!!

And what is the father of one’s stance on getting more children?

If God allows me to have more kids then fine. If not then I am still O.K but I might adopt many others. Many people ask me why I didn’t get more? I am not a believer in having s3x outside marriage. I cannot by the Grace of God! If I had I would be having at least 4 to 5 kids My grandfather had many wives and many children, the exact number I don’t know. I am very open, I love children. . 

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