Orgasm injection

‘We inject girls with water in River Road’ unlicensed doctor confesses


There is an uptake of illegal bu**ock and br*ast injections being conducted along River Road to please men.

One woman admitted on Classic 105, to administering the backdoor injections on gullible girls, that ‘unapigwa shindano ukiwa ndani ya stall’.

According to this woman,

You are injected inside our stalls. Someone is called and wears a Doctors coat (fake doctor) pretending they are a real doctor, then they inject the girl with an injection.

She added that

It’s plain water, not the chemicals that should be used. There are those who collapse in our stalls when we inject them, haifanyangi kazi ni maji plain


Kenyan women, are constantly body shamed being told that we’re not quite good enough as is. And because of that we have bought into cosmetic procures to change nature: from body shapers to Malaysian weave hair to get there.

A man even confessed that indeed men do pressure women to take drastic action to enhance their body. He told Maina that

I would blame men, every man wants a girl with but*ocks, so men are the cause of all these problems

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