Rituals Kakamega twins must undergo to avoid calamities like death -List

News of Kakamega twins reunited after 19 years is still causing a buzz .What many do not know is that the two must under go rituals to cleanse them.

A ritual refers to a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.

Here is the step by step rituals to be carried out o the twins.

‘The first time I saw her I knew she was mine’ Father of united twins speaks

1.Hair to be shaved

A close relative will shave Melon Lutenyo’s hair before she is reunited with her family and her “twin sister” Sharon Mathias according to the Luhya culture.

This will happen after the DNA establishes if indeed they are sisters.

Kakamega twins Sharon,Melon and their sister
Kakamega twins Sharon,Melon and their sister

Idakho Council of Elders chairman Zacharia Shimechero states that the culture dictates that Lutenyo’s hair must be shaved by her grandmother, her father or aunt.

The ceremony must also be conducted in Lukuyani subcounty, Kakamega county to welcome her home.

He adds

In this case, we will treat the girl as a child who was born out of wedlock.

The elders will have to administer the triplets a concoction of herbs to cleanse the family. This is done before Melon meets other children.

If that is not done the triplets will stare at sudden death.

Kakamega twins Melon and Sharon
Kakamega twins Melon and Sharon

Richard Olukhakha and Rosemary Onyango, a couple from Kakamega believe 19-year-old Sharon is their daughter.

Sharon was raised by Angela Omina, who resides in Kangemi.

2.Give out a cow.

“The girl’s ‘real father’ will also have to give Omina a cow to reward her for keeping her well,” Shimechero said.

Melon will also be given a new name – that of someone who has died in the family or village and was close to the family.

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