The five nightly rituals you can copy to ensure you get quality sleep

Creating a sleeping routine helps not only in getting enough sleep but also ensuring` that one wakes up feeling fresh ready to face the day ahead.

Although sleeping positions matter a lot the stepping stone to getting quality sleep is creating a routine to be followed daily before going to bed .

According to Daily Mail Writer and producer Nicole Singh detailed her night time routine on MyDomaine to help others struggling with stress related insomnia.

Below are the routines that might help you kick away insomnia

1. Create your own steam room

2.  DIY facial massage

A massage is a special treat for most of us asit is a nice way of making us relax and the best think is it can be done at the comfort of your home

3.Stimulate the senses

 Creating a soothing environment by putting off light and sound right before bed is an effective way of stimulating your senses

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4. Meditation

A little meditation is good for every body,do a little yoga , just do all you can to relax your brain,

5.Do it your way

There is no manual on how to achieve a routine before bedtime so the best thing is to just do it your way

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