Risper Faith shares delight over results of liposuction

Time really does fly. Just the other day we were closely following the liposuction procedure Risper Faith was undergoing and now she is completely healed.

It has been five months since the babe decided to go through a cosmetic surgical procedure to get her tummy in shape after giving birth to her firstborn, a son.

Her husband Brian was not really up for the idea at first if you remember watching the episode on Nairobi Diaries. He wanted Risper to get a child first and then maybe he agrees to pay for it.

Clearly it seems Risper has a convincing tongue because she is now not only inches down on the waistline, but also completely healed from the procedure.

Taking to social media, she showed off her snatched waist and said,

“I can now say am fully healed from liposuction, thanks to @bodybydesignkenya 5 months down the line, let me now enjoy my body…nikuwatesaaaa.”

From the picture above you can clearly see the babe has the perfect waistline. Yani no extra meat anywhere. What we call the hourglass shape. A place so many women want to reach but as you can see it takes a lot of patients to get there. Oh and money too.

One thing we have to applaud Risper for is her honesty. She did not lie that she worked out and had a certain diet in place, she was real enough to admit it was all a procedure, unlike some female celebrities we know of.

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