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The rise and rise of feminists in Kenya

As much as the word feminist is assumed to be a women’s affair, the truth of the matter is far from it.  A feminist is someone who fights for the equality of all.

The concept of feminism is not solely a women’s affair but rather an agenda that should be driven by both genders. The core mandate of feminism is to let people view the world not as it is but rather how it could be.

However, the whole concept of feminism has been distorted.

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Most feminists (a large number of them being women) have been seeing fighting for their rights at the expense of the male gender.

Much of what the feminist groups have been championing for has led to the derailment of the male gender. In return, society is full of weak men, emotionally, who can’t take up their priestly role of leadership.

A society full of hurting men is a society full of neglected kids and insecure women.

One may ask, what has caused the rise of feminazi? Various reasons come to play and here are a few:

1) Gender-based ills

These ills range from rape, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. For years, issues regarded either of the three has always been downplayed by the male species. In times of rape, the blame automatically is shifted to the victims with questions such as- where was she at the time of the rape, what was she wearing, etc. Feminists with the help of support group such as FIDA has helped bring justice to hundreds of women who would not have had that privilege there before.


In an aim to make men more responsible for their randy behaviours, the judicial system has made tough punishments for anyone found guilty of rape, i.e serving a minimum time of 10 years in prison which can be enhanced to life imprisonment depending on the age of the victim and the physical pain caused.

Feminists have been making bizarre demands for anyone found guilty of rape such as castration.

2) Workspace

work space

It’s common to hear women complain of the hard times they go through in their work stations. It ranges from sexual harassment to indecency from male colleagues and bosses.

Women have to put more effort in case they need a pay rise or getting a step above the professional ladder.

Feminists have been rallying for more allocation of women in senior corporate, government and electoral posts by pushing for the two-third gender rule.

In African countries such as Rwanda, women are been highly considered for prestigious government posts such as ministerial positions.

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3) Literacy levels and Exposure

It’s evident that women have made great strides in terms of accessing education. Female student transition from primary to secondary to tertiary levels have been on the rise over the years.

It’s through feminists groups that the government has been pressured to create systems that ease the burden on the girl child while at school.

Some of those steps include; free sanitary towels, retaining pregnant girls in school and funding their education through the different available government kitties.


Social media has also played a big role in having more women identify themselves as feminists with online movements being created such as the famous Me Too started by activist Tarana Burke which allowed women to air their sexual harassment vulnerability through empathy and strength of numbers by demonstrating how many women have survived sexual assault and harassment especially in line of work.

Women are becoming vocal and taking charge of their bodies and calling out any man who crosses the line of decency.

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