RIP: Yvonne Okwara loses her deafblind brother

Media personality Yvonne Okwara is in mourning after losing her brother who has been living with disability known as deafblind, something she had earlier opened up about.

Posting about his death on  instagram she wrote

“I’ve lost my beloved brother! A few years ago, I gained the courage to speak about his disability and our family’s long journey with him. So many of you reached out to me and were kind and empathetic! I thank you. My journey with Albert Okwara is now over, at least in this realm. He left us as peacefully and as quietly as he lived his entire life. My heart is broken, but my memories are full. Goodbye my beloved Albert! Fly with the angels….💔💔”

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She further went ahead to post a poem mourning her brother but being hopeful that she will meet him someday.42598660_481386719040073_2506292207081064661_n

A year ago, she opened about her brother fighting disability

“He is deafblind; Not deaf and blind, deafblind,” she says, admitting that the reason she never speaks about it is because every time she tries to, it only elicits pity, shame and endless questions.

Not that it has ever been a big secret, but everytime I have talked about it, I have earned pity, shame, endless questions about religion and traditional curses, and finally isolation. You see, my brother has a disability.”

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She adds

 “Allow me to introduce you to him. Albert Okwara was born close to 50 years ago. He is deafblind. And yes, it is one word. Not deaf and blind! I talked to the True Love writer about this with no hesitation at all.

It was refreshing and scary to say this on such a public platform.Had never been this open about it.

What followed was great support from readers and also lots of people just thankful that someone else was living with this in the family and was speaking up about it. However, I wasn’t ready.

 I have grown a lot since then and appreciate the platform I have to speak up, share my (and my family’s) journey, if only to give someone hope.”

She narrates as to how her brother became blind.

In the 60s, while expectant, my mother contracted German Measles. It has no symptoms. By the time she was giving birth to her first born son, there were complications. Mental retardation, and deafblindness started to set in.

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