RIP Njeri: Tributes pour in for Naivasha girl stabbed 26 times

Kenyans on social media are sharing their tributes for Njeri, a young girl has lost her life after rejecting the advances of a student in Naivasha.

Vanlentine Njeri had gone to the suspects house to return a book, when he demanded she have se3ual relations with him.

She refused, and that is when he pulled her into the room, and stabbed her. The knife broke and he rushed to the kitchen for another knife.

“He then dragged the body under his bed where it remained overnight,” said Naivasha DCI Chief Kenneth Njoroge.

Citizen reports that during the incident in Mirera estate 20km from Naivasha town, the suspect would later meticulously clean the room and the body, drag it under the bed and later share a meal with his family.

He returned to his room, with the body still under the bed and waited for his parents to sleep.

Kenyans are upset over the incident and have sent in tributes below:

This is sad😭😭
Its an evil world we live in…we can only try our best to spread good while we are alive
Christ have Mercy😢😢
So sad… Rip Njeri
#EndGenderBasedViolence #ManOrWoman for a #saferworld
Indeed very sad to lose such a young life in that manner, RIP Njeri.
She was only 15 years we share the same birthday month date the difference is only the year. He can harm as many as we don’t know. She was just an innocent being. It pains a lot. Jail is not the right place for him. He took a life only for a No. Something serious should be done. Werever the parents are right now they are wounding after struggling with njeri only when she teenage to be killed innocently

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