RIP! Different celebrities mourn K24 TV presenter Anjlee Gadhvi

K24 news anchor Anjlee Gadhvi died on Friday 10th January 2020 – at 13:15 while undergoing treatment at the Aga Khan Hospital.

Gadhvi was battling with cancer hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) a type of primary liver cancer in adults, since 2014.

Celebrities have mourned her describing her as an Authentic Soul. Here are the messages of condolence from different Kenyan celebrities

Juliegichuru I am heartbroken 💔 Rest in peace sweetheart 💔

k_knaust Friendship is deep and powerful and amazing, but it is hard to really explain why. If you have a close friend you just know what I mean. No surprise, when a friend dies, like when a family member dies, we don’t “get over it”. We learn to live with it. It may get different, it may get easier, but it is always with us. #anjleegadhvi 🤎

Faithmuturingugi Noooooo!!! We just talked 2 days ago!! I can’t believe this! We talked juzi. She was okay!
A few days before we had such deep conversations. @anjleegadhvi was always so authentic. I asked how she was really doing and she said she was so grateful to be alive. We talked about life and death. She shared how she had been given a month or so to live and here she was 6 years later. That was last week.
She shared that she is more intentional about life, to live and to love. 2 days ago we talked about the youth of Kenya – she was so passionate about equipping youth to be patient and resilient and to have character.
Last week I asked her how she was really doing and she said ‘Faith, I have my days- some good, some bad. But now I’m tired. It’s been 6 years, I am tired of bring strong. I have prepared my children – you never know the day. We talked about taking it a day at a time.
Then she went on to console me concerning our loss. That was her – always thinking of the other person more.
We have talked more in the last week than in our entire friendship. We didn’t talk as often but when we did, it was meaningful. In the last week, she would call to follow up. In almost all our conversations, she would remind me to pray for her. More than once she said ‘Faith, I know that your prayers are so powerful’. We talked about prayer and having faith.
Thank you for being a gift to me and others. Thank you for being so strong and for inspiring us deeply. We were to catch up today – I am still calling in disbelief coz 2 days ago you were okay – or so I thought. I’m sorry I didn’t call.
I’m shaken, yet will I trust in God. We continue praying for your family. My heart breaks. It shall be well.🙏😂

Serahteshna My darling Anjilee, I’m completely lost for words. You were brave, full of life and kind. A true warrior who fought a good fight. May heaven open its doors for you. Rest well my Friend 💔.

sheilamwanyigha Gone too soon…💔 Your shine is forever. #anjleegadhvi ✨✨

Bettymuteikyallo My sweet Anjlee. You fought so strong. Breaks my heart that you are gone 💔 You are a warrior. May your spirit live on and may your family find strength at this time. I shall miss you. 😣

sowairina Rest My love… Rest🕊

Zkananu @anjleegadhvi My friend and former colleague, I’ll never forget the moments we shared at the gym…You were a fighter, you held your head up high and we had a lot to learn from you, we talked about so many things, you’ll forever be in our hearts, RIP dear…🌹 To your husband, children and the entire family, May God bless and keep you in His care now and forever. You are in my Prayers.🙏🏾

RIP! Life and times of K24’s Anjlee Gadhvi

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