The boys club

RIP: Bob Collymore’s boys club is the most envious group shout KOT 


Literally every Kenya is talking about the group of men who were friends with the late Bob Collymore.

The group, who refer to themselves as the boys club, have over the last three days since his death on Monday July 1st, spoken extensively about the bond they hold.

JKL Wednesday July 3rd

They were unveiled to Kenyans on Citizen TV’ JKL, where each man revealed their closeness to Bob and each other.

The boys club consists of KCB’s Joshua Oigara, Radio Africa’s Patrick Quarcoo, Citizens Jeff Koinange, Politician Peter Kenneth, Businessman Braharat Thakrar, Envoy Nic Hailey, Lamin Jamang.

Jeff wrote: Thank you BOYS for coming through for the Great BOB “Kihara” COLLYMORE!!!…You are TRUE friends indeed!!…Let’s do this again TOMORROW!!…For BOB!!!..

The boys

Joshua Oigara spoke about hims saying: Bob was the most genuine and down to earth person I have ever met. He was genuinely interested in what we were doing

Lamin Majang: It’s very extra ordinary when a CEO is out of the country for several months and is still able to influence and lead a company thousands of miles away

“Success is not numbers, it’s not the growth of the company, it’s the legacy that you leave behind… Bob touched a lot of people in many ways” – Bharat Thakrar

Peter Kenneth: Bob had an infectious attractive manner of making friends and I’m glad I was one of those he called close friends

KOT are envious and questioning what type of friends they keep in their circle.
One of Kenya’s GDP boysclub in one photo, while boysclub zetu ni kusimama kwa liqour stores looking for the cheapest liquor with the highest alcohol percentage!! Tragic😔#JKLive

As much as people refuse not to believe,the company you keep and associate with determines and impacts a lot and that might be called to attention by my father.
@bobcollimore’s inner circle was so legit #JKLive

Great to see male friendship that is uplifting, challenging each other positively, embracing of vulnerability & diverse (age, race). We need to see more of this as the counter narrative to the “boy child” phenomenon. Now mentor more Bruh clubs in your circles of influence.

while the #BoysClub contribute to the GDP, wengine hapo na mbogi wanachanga Mzinga

Rethink your friendships. How solid are they? How well can you count on them? And how deeply do they love you as you do them? The Boys Club is an envy! It’s admirable.

Also, true, iron sharpens iron, and you cannot expect to soar like an eagle when you walk w/ ducks.
Lovely of #TheBoysClub sharin deep memorable friendship wth yr buddy Bob Collymore indeed he had yr bacs n you had his.

I’m thinkin if time availd u’d do a man’s choral singin Friends Are Friends Forever in thanksgivin service.
Gr8 honors #JKLive
I am so encouraged by the Friendship you guys had with Bob, friends who share everything, the sad and the happy moments, you are always together, may Bob RIP and may you continue with the boy’s club, please add Bob’s wife too
The boysclub notthe normal boys i wish i could have sch kind of friends

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