When he got money he went to women – Ringtone says about Willy Paul (Exclusive)

I recently spoke to Ringtone about the state of gospel music-an industry that he is intimately involved in. The man was open about the issues the industry has and spoke about other artistes like Bahati and Willy Paul with whom he pulled no punches.

“I have no beef with Willy Paul, he is just living the same story as Bahati. When he got money he went to women and showed where his heart was.”

Willy Paul and Bahati together
Willy Paul and Bahati together


“These guys came into the industry when they thought gospel had a lot of money. They came when we had planted and they ripped the dividends. We are now planting again and we will rip again. At least they have gone where there hearts are.”

Ringtone in red
Ringtone in red

On whether he agreed with people singing about God regardless of whether they were saved, he saved;

“We can’t stop even the goats from singing for God. We can’t stop him from singing anything that he wants. But that doesn’t mean that we should call him a minister or gospel artists. Gospel music is about winning souls. People like Guardian Angel are doing a wonderful job in promoting the gospel industry.”

Guardian Angel on a white bench

Ringtone even spoke about Hart the Band’s new song, El Shaddai, admiting that he is an admirer of the song. “It is a good song. You don’t become a gospel artiste by singing of things of God but it is still a good song.”

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Would he consider doing a collabo with Hart the Band after their successful song? He said that he wouldn’t do it for his own reasons even if he believed they were more talented than he was.

Hart the Band
Hart the Band


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