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Diana Marua hates Jesus so much, she only posts lungula styles! Ringtone (exclusive)

Ringtone is one of the most well-known singers in Kenya. As such the musician has taken it upon himself to become a spokesman for the genre.

The same way Ezekiel Mutua polices the secular music industry, Ringtone does the same for the gospel industry and his frequent targets are normally Bahati and Willy Paul whom he has called out numerous times in the past.

Willy Paul and Bahati together
Willy Paul and Bahati together

After Bahati’s recent decision to leave the gospel industry, I called the musician and asked him what he thought about it?

Ringtone was happy and even congratulated him on it, saying; “Bahati leaving gospel is a very good thing because we don’t want people in gospel who don’t love God, people who are taking advantage of Christians.”

“He himself came into the industry crying with his song ‘Mama’. We as Christians supported him and he was even able to buy an Allion and that old Mercedes of his.”


The “Zoea Mawe” singer then went on to speak about Bahati’s decisions after he got famous;

“After he got famous he got a slay queen who wasn’t saved and then ran away from gospel. He is back where he is supposed to be. His heart was never in the gospel. I congratulate him because for once he is living a true life. ”

Bahati with Diana Marua

Ringtone then went on to question Bahati’s impact on his fans and followers,

“Ever since they started singing, I don’t think he has ever won a soul. He has never sung a song telling people to get saved.  Have you ever seen him or Diana Marua speaking telling anyone to get saved?

Awache kupata watoto hivo! Willy Paul says about Bahati (Exclusive)

He didn’t stop at just criticizing Bahati, he also went after his wife Diana Marua with some incendiary comments about her relationship with Jesus.

“In fact Diana Marua hates Jesus so much! Have you ever seen her post about Jesus!? No, she doesn’t. They only post s3x styles. They don’t post for God.”

Bahati with Diana Marua
Bahati with Diana Marua


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