Ringtone and Wolper togetherRingtone and Wolper together

Ringtone’s new song ‘Natafuta Bibi’ savaged by Kenyans

Ringtone seems to have gone far and wide in his search for a wife. The gospel musician is in the news after he featured Harmonize’s ex, Jacqueline Wolper in his new music video.

He posted a series of videos and pictures on his Instagram page showing Wolper and himself on the set of his new song, ‘Natafuta Bibi’.


He captioned the video with some horrible English grammar that is below;

Am cried the whole time am record this song and am cry everyday trusting God for a Wife or girlfriend as you all continue to dismiss me😢😢😢😢 FULL LINK ON MY BIO.

And added later on;

Don’t let me cry too much @wolperstylish 

The singer is a well-known attention-seeker and the antics he has been pulling the last month all make sense now that he has dropped his new song. He was chased from JCC church on Sunday after he took his wife search to the church premises.

Ringtone at JCC
Ringtone at JCC

The comments section filled up with a lot of negativity. Some of it is below;

peterspitter; Enyewe Ringtone Hananga talent.. Ni favor tu ya mungu the song sounds shitty and boring
judyngereso; Kiki zote kumbe ni za kuimba
ms_omukitsa; U really should consider therapy. Mental health is a real problem. N it’s okay to need help
douggie_oginda: Uko na ufala sana Apoko….umechomea wakisii picha
mercyscarol: Is it a gospel music. Man of God? Asking for wili poze
triza380: 😂😂😂 lakini ww uko na kasoro mahali hawa warembo wote wenye wamejaa Kenya Kwn akuna mwenye anakupenda

I don’t think the less than stellar reviews of his music or his antics will perturb the singer. He recently told Betty Kyallo that he knew he wasn’t talented, he was just hardworking.


Ringtone knows his limits and what he brings to the market; controversy. And it sells. Ever since he started his many stunts early this year, his Instagram page has gained over 30 thousand followers! Who is winning? His critics or him?

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