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He should just get saved or become a thief! Ringtone says about Omosh’s begging

Self-proclaimed gospel music industry chairman Ringtone Apoko has added to the chorus of Kenyans who are bashing former Tahidi High actor Omosh.

The musician told the thespian to get a job instead of always coming to ask for donations from Kenyans, explaining that God had given Omosh two hands, legs, brains and good health.

In a short Instagram video, Ringtone added to the loud din of Kenyans who have come down hard on Omosh for begging for more help even after receiving donations earlier in the year.

The “Zoea Mawe” singer told Kenyans not to waste their money and time on Omosh because he does not deserve the same.

”Omosh should just get saved or become a thief. Omosh should get saved or look for something to do. Omosh is not disabled, he has hands and legs, he can get out there and get work to do. He is bright and he is old enough, he should get a job. Omosh top these games and work. Please Kenyans do not give Omosh money. We should help people who indeed need our help, Omosh does not need our help. God gave him hands, legs, brain and health, he should work. Kenyans should help the needy and not Omosh and his type,” Ringtone said.

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Shockingly unlike most other times, Kenyans supported what the singer said, condemning Omosh for playing with Kenyans.

This comes a few days after Omosh came out claiming the money Kenyans contributed to him got finished, explaining that he had used almost all the donations to settle his debts, rendering him broke.

But Kenyans were not having it this time with many rubbishing his claims, saying that he had squandered money donated to him by well-wishers.  Some even claimed that he may have squandered the money with alcohol.

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