Ringtone vs Eric Omondi (1)

“Ringtone, don’t steal my wives!” Eric Omondi begs while praising singer’s new song “Fagia”

Ringtone Apoko loves controversy. In fact, I don’t think that there is an entertainer in Kenya who thrives on it like him. Scratch that. Come to think of it, Bahati is another.

But I digress. There are times where the controversy seems to chase the singer and this is one of those rare cases. The “Zoea Mawe” singer was the subject of Eric Omondi’s recent Instagram post today where he begged the singer to leave his potential wives alone.

In his message, Eric posted a snippet of Ringtone’s new song called, “Fagia”, going on to plead with Mr. Apoko not to fagia(slice him of those women). He wrote;

“The PRESIDENT will always support good music. Huyu Kijana ako na a higher calling and a gifting from above…Shida tu ni awachane na mabibi zangu…Am about to bring some of the most beautiful women in this Continent to Kenya from ETHIOPIA, RWANDA, SOUTH SUDAN and NIGERIA bwana CHAIRMAN tafadhali usiwafagie because this time lazima nipate wife. Naomba 🙏🙏”

Ringtone himself responded to the comment saying that he had no business stealing Eric’s women. What is interesting is that just two months ago, Eric attacked Ringtone, labeling his stunts boring.

The self-proclaimed president of comedy praised Tanzanians saying that they had far surpassed the Kenyan showbiz thanks to their kiki.

Speaking to The-Star, Omondi went on to slam Ringtone for being so old fashioned in his stunts

“….They (Kenyan celebrities) are predictable and doing normal things. You recently saw Ringtone pretending he has been arrested. That is old fashioned. They should be creative,” he said.

Funny how a few months can make a difference in one’s opinion. Huh…Clearly, there are no permanent friends in showbiz.

Anywho, check out Ringtone’s new song that has made impressed Eric so much so that he has praised Mr. Apoko. The song is below;


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