Ringtone arrested

Video emerges of barefoot and handcuffed Ringtone being arrested

A video clip has emerged allegedly showing the arrest of musician Ringtone Apoko by the police. In the video that has trended online, 3 policemen can be seen arresting Mr. Apoko who tries to resist. The cops are unrelenting and end up carrying the unwilling participant to the back of their car.

A handcuffed and barefoot Ringtone can be seen lying in the boot of the car after the cops are done with him. Kenyans on social media were divided on whether the video was authentic or was another publicity stunt by the “Kula Mawe” who is well-known for loving the theatrics.

The ones who were convinced of the video’s validity questioned how a man could be arrested on the basis of hearsay and word of mouth alone?

This sentiment is of course directed at the recent war of words between Ringtone and Bridget Achieng. The past week Bridget has been alleging that the singer not only raped her but that he had a case to answer to 6 more women that she knew of.

As I was on the couch waiting for the producer he closed the door and grabbed me and pinned me down and that is how the assault happened. I went to Westland’s police station and tried to report just the way I was, So there was no money involved I was just a young girl chasing her dream,” Bridget recalled.

The singer has maintained his innocence calling out the former socilaite for clout-chasing.

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