‘I am rich but my uterus remains my strength,’ Akothee celebrates her five children

Singer Akothee aka Madam boss is celebrating motherhood.

Akothee, has established herself to become a household name in the country’s entertainment industry.

The artiste, who is also among the richest female celebrities in Kenya, started from humble beginnings and currently lives in affluence and fame.

The songstress is popular for her love of her five children.
Taking to social media, Akothee says her children cannot be compared to her wealth as she can sell all of it.
She is celebrating how grown they all are.
“You are slowly sliding off my hands because of age, but I would like to tell you that, the whole journey with you was full of encouragement after every challenge💪, you gave me strength even when I felt like I can’t do it anymore, so I asked myself, If not me! Then who? I have moved homes, houses, countries and cities in search of your happiness and stability, I asked no one for a bit of advice,for every time I started to narrate my pain.
I felt its useless, and I should use that time to fend for your happiness, I really miss you to death, when I still had control over you, now even Oyoo can decide to tell me he is not going to church with me,& I have to respect that its the generation 🙏🏾, I don’t think I would enjoy any other moments of my life like I did with you.”
Akothee with her kids
She added;
“I thank God for the woman I became, please enjoy your family while it lasts, its the greatest wealth anyone can have! It’s fulfilling. Someone asked how wealthy am I, Yes I am very rich and healthy
See my riches above, my children are my wealth, that’s All I care for, I can buy as many houses as my pocket can allow me, and I can sleep in only one bed at a time, I can also sell them when I don’t need them anymore, but I can’t buy children and sell them when I want, my uterus remains my strength, the rest is short term lived.
Prioritize your priorities it brings joy
Happy sabbath family
She also runs her foundation that helps the less fortunate in the country.

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