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Sponsors can pay for things in your life but will never make you rich – Akothee warns

Trust Kenyan singer Akothee to speak her mind on issues that might be hot-button topics. And she does so with gusto and chutzpah that is both admirable and awe-inspiring.

The singer who has been blessed with 5 kids has been on a roll this past few weeks, advising ladies about relationships and life in general.

One of the best pieces of advice that Madam Boss gave this week (and which I co-sign fully) was the word of wisdom she delivered to many ladies in Kenya.

‘If he tells you that that’s his baby mama, just know he is a married man!’ Akothee warns

In a post on her social media page, Akothee told ladies that no one will ever make them rich apart from themselves. The long-legged and fit businesswoman explained that sponsors would only invest in their lifestyles and that very few will invest capital in their businesses.

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The “Sweet Love” singer cautioned ladies that they needed to be smart when dealing with sponsors because they can be vindictive;

Supervise your work. You have to be present to achieve your goals; no one will ever make you rich, not even a sponsor. A sponsor will invest in your life style, business class tickets ,five star hotels , expensive weaves 🤦, but try ask for capital for your business 🙆🙆 very few will see a potential of investing in you ,for the fear of you being independent and dumping them, sponsors are also not stupid ,they know why you are with them 🤣🤣, so they hide the white ball very far , and when they dump you for another hot cake ,you fall like a rotten tree ,for they will want to take you back where they found you or worst, infact some of them ,will even revert the things they gave you just to see you frustrated and begging 😂😂😂 sponsorship is a scam it can land bad 😂😂😂.be wise.

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