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DJ Evolve’s father reveals scary new details about son’s health

DJ Evolve was shot last month in a situation that captivated the country. It was alleged that Babu Owino had shot the Dj in B-Club after an altercation between the two.

Babu Owino
Babu Owino

Since then DJ Evolve, whose real names are Felix Orinda has been at Nairobi hospital receiving treatment. Recently, his father, John Orinda updated the media on his son’s condition.

During an interview with K24 on Thursday night, the entertainer´s dad spoke of a surgery the DJ was to undergo this week, but doctors pushed it to Tuesday, February 4.

Maina Kageni warns Babu Owino after he allegedly shot DJ Evolve

Mr Orinda further disclosed that the bullet affected his spinal cord and due to his critical condition, doctors advised that he goes under the knife next week.

Dj Evolve
The deejay

His spinal cord was badly affected. On Tuesday, January 28, he was scheduled for a surgical operation, but the doctors said he wasn´t in good shape to undergo the exercise.

He is still in a critical condition and he has never spoken for the last four days but we hope for the best.

The deejay
The deejay

However, DJ Evolve´s father thanked the legislator for rushing his son to Nairobi hospital in good time, where he received quality medical attention.

“I thank Babu Owino for taking my son to Nairobi Hospital. I think he would have died had he taken him to a medical facility with limited equipment. So far, he has paid Ksh 800,000 for Felix´s treatment.”

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