John De Mathew

Revealed: The last meeting De Mathew had planned before his death

It has been revealed that before the late De Mathew met his death on Sunday 18th August 2019 he had planned a meeting with a local bank to talk development.

This meeting was to foresee the development of land bought by TAMCO (Talented Musicians & Composers) SACCO but this was never to be.

De Mathew was a man who loved having people around him given that on the day he died he had been with his fellow Mugithi artistes.

Among them was fellow Mugithi artiste Mike Rua who is yet to come to terms with the death.

Speaking during an interview with KTN Rua said the two had spent the whole day together at their fellow artiste Peter Kigia’s fundraiser.

‘Forever in our hearts,’ Kenyans mourn De Mathew as burial is held

Adding that they later went to a pub along Thika Road to wind down and party.

What happened next was a bit ominous as Rua described John crying while at the locale.

He told KTN,

The last moments, he was crying when I brought up something which I cannot remember since we were partying.

Rua said that at the time they also spoke about the various controversies that they had had. It was at this juncture that the He Kamwe’ singer decided to excuse himself from the interview.

The emotional singer said,

I don’t think it is the right time to talk about this thing, kindly call me sometime later.

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