REVEALED: Creative ways students use to smuggle drugs into schools

Teachers have recovered mobile phones from shoe soles and sanitary pads.

Other students are sewing tablets, cigarettes and rolls of bhang in the hems of their clothes.

These are some of the creative ways students are using to sneak contraband into schools. Some of the outlawed goods are sneaked hidden in detergents.

Sneaking of mobile phones is the latest trend despite teachers linking the gadgets to rising crime and insecurity in schools.

Despite intense searches on reporting days, many students still manage to smuggle stuff into their dormitories.

In some schools, students have complained that they are forced to strip naked as teachers seek to ensure outlawed items are not smuggled. The students say they are searched in “all manner of places”.

But the searches seem not to have deterred many. Instead, students have devised sophisticated ways of smuggling what they want.

Nakuru county director of education William Sugut said they have devised ingenious ways to sneak contrabands including accessing and abusing drugs.

He said the menace has reached epidemic proportions.

He said fruit juices, cigarettes and wines and spirits are among stuff being smuggled by the students.

Sugut said drug and substance abuse could be behind the rising cases of indiscipline, including arson attacks in schools.

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