Revealed: 6 best careers in Kenya to make millions fast and easily

Kenya is a booming economy, that is, for certain careers. If you are looking for careers that involve hard work and grit, then this isn’t the list for you.

This one is for the Kenyans who want to make a load of cash the easy way, and party at Kiza and B-Club with their fellow rich people.

Without much ado, let us begin:


Last year, the Star newspaper reported that one of the country’s five biggest banks lost Sh200 million to hackers in one month.

Last week, it was reported that Timothy Kang’arua of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) allegedly devised an intricate scheme to defraud the I&M bank of Sh41 million  using its login credentials in the Safaricom web portal.

How is that for quick money? Lakini usishikwe!

2. Wash wash

In 2016, The Star reported about how Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi confessed that he had lost more than Sh11 million to con groups. They told the MP they could multiply money.

Oscar Sudi
Oscar Sudi

Sudi said:

I fell victim to the con groups f you ask me they deserve every cent of the money they are makingf you ask me they deserve every cent of the money they are makingf you ask me they deserve every cent of the money they are makingand was left with the fake currency, which I just had to dispose of.

This profession is very lucrative, but can land you powerful enemies as you are mostly preying on the high and mighty.

3. Working as a receptionist

This one is the big Kahoona, with the most uplifting of prospects for those seeking the lavish living life. in 2018, many Kenyans were shocked when they found out that a receptionist, Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha who worked for the NHIF, had bought houses worth Sh160 million on a salary of 150k a month!

Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha
Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha

Yep. Miracles do happen!

4. Mimicking top leaders’ voices

Last week, the story of how some crafty individuals were able to con Sameer billionaire Naushad Merali went viral. The band of thieves made a cool 80 million shillings in one huge con.

Let that sink in. Getting Sh80 million by just impersonating the president on a phone call!

5. Tenderpreneurs

This is usually a young person, mostly male, who has made an extraordinary amount of money from a government contract, mostly for supplying a product or service.

Often a tenderpreneur is a well-connected individual who can be found in the numerous bars along Kiambu Road. One wonders when they work as they are most often partying?

6. Become a pastor

Why not? No taxes are paid and you will have a gullible audience that will give you their money just because you invoke the name of God. And no oversight! What’s not to like? Think Pastor Kanyari of the Sh310 fame.

A disclaimer: do be ready to spend time behind bars if you get caught and if you aren’t, prepare yourself for a life of ‘catch me if you can’ games with the authorities.

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