The devil will try to destroy Kanye West – Lucy Natasha says about musician

Lucy Natasha is one of the most popular female clerics under the age of 40 in Kenya. The woman who has a very large following online was recently linked to our very own Classic105 presenter Maina Kageni, a juicy rumour but a rumour nonetheless.

Betty Kyallo with reverend Lucy Natasha
Betty Kyallo with reverend Lucy Natasha

As most of you might well know, Kanye West has made a radical life change. He is now a born-again Christian, with the rapper even releasing a new gospel album, Jesus is King.

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Lucy has come out with a rather interesting take on Kanye West, the man has even drawn the praise of global mega-pastor Joel Osteen. In fact, Kanye will have a show at Joel’s church.

Kanye West with Kim Kardashian hugging
Kanye West with Kim Kardashian hugging

Natasha who is also a Kenyan televangelist has now made known her opinion of Kanye West known. She said on her socials,

‘I’m thrilled to read about Kanye West using his testimony of what God has done in his life to point thousands of people to Jesus Christ. Kanye shares that God has called him to hold what he has named Sunday Service Experiences with music and the preaching of God’s Word. This is reaching a whole new group of people.’

The pastor
Lucy Natasha

That was not all as the woman asked for people to pray for the 42-year-old rapper needed it,

‘Kanye also has a new album called “Jesus is King.” Pray for Kanye—there will be many temptations and the devil will try to discourage, distract, and even destroy him. Pray that he will keep his eyes focused on Jesus and that God would guide and protect him. God bless you, Kanye—we’re praying for you. God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.’

The pastor in her office
Lucy Natasha

One thing I like about Kanye is that he goes hard on anything he is passionate about, something we all can learn. Ama?

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