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‘I had no idea he knew my name’See what attracted Rev Kathy Kiuna to her hubby pastor Allan Kiuna

Reverend Kathy Kiuna and her husband Allan Kiuna are role model to many ,but not many know of their love story.

Its said that a woman cannot forget how she met the love of her life and that is the case for Rev Kathy.

In a candid Instagram post she wrote

“I see you, see me, see you. First time I met him he was by a phone booth or what we called a call box those days. He stepped out and said , hey Kathy, can you please give me a minute I talk to you? You could have knocked me off with a feather when he called my name coz I had no idea he knew my name. He hang up the phone immediately and explained he was talking to his mum. He went on to ask me out on a lunch date and I said NO. Deep in my heart it was a yes but I was so in love with God as I still am and I served in church every lunch hour so lunch was a no no for me no matter who.”

She continues to narrate her love story adding that despite playing hard to get she knew he was the one.

“Of course I told God to let him come back again and he did the next day this time with a coffee date. A wise woman doesn’t say no twice and the moment we sat at Utalii hotel for coffee it’s like we were best friends who just never met before. We became inseparable. I need to say I paid for the coffee too 😂😂😂😂. I saw a great man with a great vision in-spite of the pocket situation. Don’t disregard a young man based on where he is now. See with the spiritual eye where God is taking him.”

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