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‘I Represent The Street Kids’ – Top Comedian MCA Tricky Shares Emotional Story


MCA Tricky is without a doubt one of the biggest comedians Kenya boasts of. His style of stand-up comedy is second to none and he has managed to curve a niche for himself thus endearing him to thousands of fans.

The 24-year-old ‘Member of Chokora Assembly’, if you like, broke into the comedy scene about a year ago on Churchill show, where he won many hearts thanks to his witty jokes which surrounds the life of a street urchin and their daily escapades.

To some, he chose the street urchin character because it was super unique little did they know that he once lived on the streets for nearly three years as a young kid.

Speaking to BBC, the comedy star whose first name is Frank uses stand-up comedy to represent those suffering on the streets in his quest to make people understand and respect them as any other human being.

“I decided to represent the street kids, because I want people to respect them. I want them to look at me as their role model.

It’s not about taking them out of the streets physically, but you need to do it mentally. And that is the most difficult thing.”

Now a headliner at the comedy show, MCA tricky revealed that his top notch sense of humor rescued him from the streets after wowing judges when he auditioned for the show a while back.

BBC reports that his unique style which is inspired by his real life experiences has helped him give hope as well as inspire other street children.

He makes people laugh while also offering hope and inspiration to other street children.

He dreams of a day when not a single child will be compelled to sleeping and living on the streets.


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