Remember That Kid Who Sang “Naenda Kusema Kwa Mama”? Look How Grown And Masculine He’s Become (PHOTOS)

Bongos star Siaka Nasor popularly known by his stage name Alsay is one of the most prominent young artistes in Tanzania.

The 21-year-old Swahili singer came into the limelight with his massive hit song back in 2012, dubbed Nakusema, which was one of the greatest tracks in East Africa.

Aslay rose to fame since then, unlike some kid stars who come into the music industry and disappear after a while due to mismanagement, lack of funds or simply due to the pressure of focusing on academics first.


The super talented young lad is now one of the most sought after young Bongo artistes and over the years, Alsay has grown to be a very hard working young man, both musically and also as a person.

Sadly, just when his musical star was shining very bright Aslay lost his mother back in 2015, one of the most painful and heartbreaking moments of his life, but on a brighter note he bounced back with time.

The young man is now the lead singer of famed Tanzania all boy group by the name, Yamoto Band, which is making strides in music and is known for smash hits like; Nitakupwelepeta, Basi, Niseme, Mama, Nisambazie Raha and many others.

Back then, Aslay was a cute innocent looking boy, with a very petite body, and short hair. The singer is now a grown hunk with a noticeably matured body.


Aslay is really doing well in the Bongo music world and there’s no doubt that he’s going far . Besides working with the Yamoto Band, the heartthrob still releases singles every now and then.

Have a look at Aslay’s recent photos below. He looks nothing like he did back in 2012.



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