From remedial to homework, here are the things most of dreaded in high-school

For those who studied in day schools, hold onto your horses. You can’t relate with what I’m about to talk about. How would you when you had the privilege of having two meals from home. This is for those who really went through high school the hard way.

Here are some of the things most of us dreaded back in high school:

1. Remedial classes

One had to be at school by 7am to attend to these boring classes. The boring part was the lessons taught were either Mathematics or Science subjects. Most of us didn’t give a hoot about what the teacher was speaking about.


Form 3 and form 4 students suffered the most. There were morning and evening remedial classes. Not till we learnt that the school would gift any teacher who showed up for remedial thus enabling this boring activity.

2. Cross country


Not unless you come from the rift region, you know how it this event took a toll on most of us. Running for a distance close to 5 kilometers was no man’s joke. The games teacher would follow whipping the ones who ran last. Most of the girls would pass out and for the bad boys they’d jump on the rear of lorries and get free ride back to school.

3. Homework

One of the reasons why most of us hated been in school was the loads and loads of homework the teachers gave us. To be honest most of us never attended to all these. We lifted from our friends not caring if the teacher would notice or not. These teachers just wanted to torture us and making sure we never had some time off for our own peace.


4. General cleaning

Washing those stinky toilets was never something to be proud of. Friday evenings was the time to get busy cleaning the whole school. From toilets, dormitory, classes and the dining hall. Depending on which school you studied, form 1 and 2 were responsible for attending to them. Everyone avoided getting allocated the toilet section. Having studied in a boy’s school, you don’t need to have studied rocket science to know how they looked.

5. Food

It was little and terrible. They’d also add paraffin to tone down our libido levels. Where they got that theory, I’ll need proof to this. Survival was for the fittest. It was normal for a few of the students to go bed hungry.

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