Remarkable photos showing the deep connection Moi shared with wife Lena



The funeral service of the late, retired President Daniel Moi was held at Nyayo Stadium Tuesday February 11.

Mzee Moi’s body left State House at 9.18am after the head of state and his family paid their last respects.

The casket covered with the national flag of Kenya was placed in a military truck ready for a procession to Nyayo Stadium.

Moi’s family have shared his memorable moments with wife Lena in the obituary.

Here are photos showing the connection they had when she was alive and their story:


Details of their life together were shared and in one photo we see the happy couple sharing a hug.

Mama Lena died on Tuesday July 27, 2004.


Lena a trained teacher took up the role as a full time housewife as Moi’s career flourished.


She retreated to a quiet life at their Kabimoi farm where she passed on in 2004.

He married Lena in 1950 and were blessed with eight children- five sons and three daughters.




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