Jail me even for a 100 years ,but release Anne Ngirita,Meru man pleads

A man from Igembe Central is offering to be jailed on behalf of NYS suspect Ann Ngirita saying that she is too beautiful to be in jail.

Amos Mugambi, a miraa businessman, swears he’s ready to serve any sentence handed to the woman suspected of   receiving Sh60 million from NYS despite not knowing her prior to the scandal.

Meet Ann Ngirita the woman on the spotlight for being paid Sh60million in NYS saga

Ann Ngirita a suspect involved in NYS scandal

According to The Nairobian the 30 year old says beautiful Ngirita should not be in jail and is appealing to the government to allow him suffer on her behalf because “I am ready for any crime she has committed to be pinned on me even if it means a jail sentence of 100 years.”

This comes after Ngirita complained that she was starving in the cells and having a hard time in there.

 The man from Mwiyo village argues that he was offering himself for the sole reason that she appears innocent and “she is very beautiful to be behind bars.”

Mugambi recognized that Kenyans might mistake him for being insane but “I am expressing what I felt when I saw the way Ngirita was treated during her arrest and even when she appeared in court.”


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