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Some relatives may never like you…’, Emmy Kosgei speaks about toxic in-laws

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei Madubuko has sent a heart-warming message to couples who are going through tough issues in their unions.

In a long post on her Instagram, Emmy prayed that such couples would feel encouraged and receive protection from external attacks.

Among the things she touched on in her post is about people who wish that some people separate.

She also talked about any shameless man or woman hitting on someone’s who is married.

Emmy also talked about in-laws from hell who may never like you. She advised couples never to change or succumb to their pressure and frustration.

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Emmy Kosgei with herhubby

Check out her post;

Dear couples, my prayers are for you this afternoon! May God strengthen your unions, receive protection from internal and external attacks, (spiritual and physical)
may God give you the wisdom and grace to sustain it. 

Receive grace to pull through stormy seasons infact may you come out stronger… We render powerless every stray word from naysayers, envious people, home breakers in JESUS NAME!.. receive discernment on any wicked agents around you, snakes and wolves in goat skin 🤣 some in the name of friends/counselors/besties … wasemi wa mtaachana tu🤣 wataaibika ! may you discern before they manifest! 🙏 any man or woman waiting for you to fail or break up will wait in vain! Sowers of discord will sow in vain ! Their wishes will come to naught in JESUS NAME! Any shameless man or woman hitting on someone’s marriage receive a permanent ☄🌩 ehh sorry visitation. 

Emmy Kosgei

She added;
Some in-laws from hell 🤣🏃‍♀️ ati amekonda🤣 umechukua nyota🤣ati hakuji tena home 🤣 listen some people even relatives may never like you but don’t change or succumb to their pressure and frustrations .. receive grace and wisdom to handle such and build your home
#Niguse #inlaws ama niwache tu 😀😅 🤣🏃‍♀️✍ tuwaombee eti eh 🙏😇😜May your marriage receive fresh dew,freshness,bliss, may your love and joy be full ! Marriage is from #God..  no marriage is perfect but #ability to sacrifice,understand,love, build,humble, forgive,overlook, protect, enjoy is intentional. . Prayer is key! Receive divine assistance.

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