Akuku Danger - Why it's so difficult to date many women in Nairobi

The content creator is currently linked to actress Sandra Dacha

Akuku Danger
Image: Instagram

Speaking during an interview with Obinna, Akuku Danger discussed why it is not easy to date more than one woman in the city.

According to him, dating many women is a burden that a man brings upon himself, especially those living in the city.

This is because maintaining multiple women is costly as you will end up spending a lot of money on them, which will leave you in a bad financial situation as you won't be able to grow since all your money will be spent on them.

"In Nairobi, you can't have many... you'll be sending 2K urgently until you wonder," Akuku said.

He, however, advised men to have one partner and treat her well; that way, it will be easier to grow, and you won't have to stress too much about things.

"It's better to have one, spend time with her and on her, but the more you have, you'll never have money in Nairobi... you'll be sending 2K urgently for gas here, for fare there," Akuku said.

Akuku clarified by saying that currently, he only loves Sandra Dacha, with whom he has a close friendship.

Akuku said that he plans to treat her well this year because of how special she is.

"So far, I have the love of my life, just one. Up to now, she is very good, she has a big heart, she is a very good person. In fact, this year I plan to give her a gift, and I want it to be a very big gift," Akuku said.