Oparanya reveals why he got a gf despite having 2 wives

Speaking on KTN Home, Oparanya stated that he has nothing to hide or deny about it since he is the one who takes care of her.

Wycliffe Oparanya and his girlfriend, Mary Biketi
Image: Instagram

Former Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has, for the first time, explained why he is unashamed about having a younger girlfriend after their pictures were leaked online a few months ago.

Speaking on KTN Home, Oparanya stated that she is his girlfriend and he has nothing to hide or deny about it since he is the one who takes care of her.

The ODM member revealed that the girlfriend often visits his home even when his two wives are present, and his wives do not mind because he meets their needs adequately.

Oparanya emphasised that he has always been truthful, a value instilled in him by his late mother, and he cannot avoid any issue concerning him if it is true.

"I have two wives and a girlfriend, and I have no problem even with my wife here. My girlfriend comes here, and my wife has no issue with that because I take good care of her."

"As I told you, I was born as the only surviving child in our family, so my mother taught me to be truthful. (In reality, we were born five, but unfortunately, the first four passed away, and I was the only survivor.) Since I was born alone, my mother would always tell me, 'My son, it is unfortunate that you were born alone. So when you grow up, have many children to compensate for those I would have had.' And that's why I have come to be truthful," Oparanya explained.

Regarding his new girlfriend and who leaked their photos, Oparanya said:

"After politics, you need someone to keep you busy. My wife is here, but she cannot accompany me everywhere. Sometimes you just need to relax with a beautiful girl by your side. That's why I chose her. I had no problem at all about the pictures spreading online. I am okay with it, and that's why I addressed the incident."

"However, there is no room for another girl in my life. Life has become expensive now. I have two wives, one here in Butere and another in Likuyani. Having two wives just happened, something you cannot plan. But I also considered my mother's advice."