Compilation of celeb's Father's Day messages

The day is normally marked on the 2nd Sunday in June of every year

On Sunday, June 16th, the world celebrated International Father's Day to honor fathers, fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

Wahu Kagwi

Wahu is the wife of the famous musician Nameless, with whom they have three children.

She posted a video on her Instagram showing Nameless carrying their youngest child and running together with their other kids, who were holding diapers.

In her post, Wahu shared a heartfelt message: "Happy Father’s Day to all the dedicated Dads out there! May we have the strength to stay involved, the attentiveness to observe objectively, and the wisdom to guide our children correctly!"

Celestine Ndinda

The wife to Njugush posted on her Instagram praising him for being the 'best dad ever'.

She shared photos of him with their children alongside a heartfelt caption that read,

''One thing that stands out for me about Tim is how he values time with those he loves, be it family or friends. We (the boys and I) are forever grateful to you for being in our lives. Thank you for taking your time to nurture them well. This sector, I bow down to you. Kimani struggles when he says, 'There is nothing worse than a useless man,' and this scares him to the core.''

Oga Obinna

Interestingly, instead of the usual expectation for mothers to post about their children's fathers, Oga Obinna took to Father's Day to post photos of himself with his four children.

He boldly addressed fellow fathers and encouraged them to remain actively involved in their children's lives.

Anita Nderu

Anita Nderu posted a video of her husband, Mr. B, who is also the father of their child Kaya, on her Instagram page.

In the video, he shared his experiences as a father, discussing the adjustments he's had to make and how his approach to life has changed since becoming a father.

He also expressed gratitude for the influence of his own fathers in his life.

"Happy Father's Day Mr. B ❤️ Kaya and him share the most beautiful relationship! Thank you for sharing your fatherhood journey in this video. You bring so much love, joy, and peace to our lives. We are grateful for you every single day. Kaya and I love you more than words can express!" Anita praised her husband.

Milly WaJesus

Milly shared a lovely photo of her family: husband Kabi WaJesus and their two children, accompanied by a heartfelt message to her husband.

"Happy Father’s Day, my love @kabiwajesus! You make parenting look effortless, and I feel blessed to have you as the father of our children."

Amber Ray

Amber posted on Instagram, praising Kennedy Rapudo, the father of Africanah, for his exceptional fatherhood.

"Your strength, compassion, and boundless love enrich our family. Seeing you as an incredible dad to our children makes me love you even more. Thank you for being the wonderful dad and partner that you are," she expressed warmly.