Moms protest increase in mistresses stealing their men

They vowed to expose single women if they caught them with their husbands.

The women demonstrating
Image: Screengrab

Some married women have caused a stir online by taking to the streets to protest the alarming rate of husbands being stolen by mistresses.

The video, reportedly recorded at a market in Asaba, Nigeria, shows dozens of married women marching with placards expressing their frustration over the rise of 'side chicks' taking their men.

In messages on their placards, the women could be seen dragging themselves and throwing themselves onto the pavement, claiming that the increase in single women taking their men has led to many husbands neglecting their families, as most resources end up with the mistresses, leaving the families abandoned.

One of the placards read, "We are tired. Single women, please leave other women's husbands so they can return to their wives and children."

They vowed to expose single women if they caught them with their husbands.

"We want an end to husband-snatching. If we catch you with someone's husband, we will expose you online," said the leader of the protest.

The video, posted on the X platform, attracted mixed reactions. Here are some notable comments:

"After chasing away their badly behaved husbands, they blame the mistresses for doing their job 🤣" said Chaxton.

"Embrace polygamous marriage and enjoy your lives," another advised them.

"The only way to keep a husband is to treat him well and submit to his authority in your marriage. Once the home becomes too hot for him, other girls will give him warmth," said Jeff Onyedili.

Watch the video here;