Mike and King’ang’i discuss weather money in a relationship is better than love and affection

''Guys, can you make a woman happy without money? Mike Mondo

Mwalimu King'ang'i and Mike Mondo discussed whether money in a relationship is better for women, compared to love and attention. 

"A man who gives his woman time, love and attention is better than a man who gives you money. Inafika mahali you realize that money is not everything," Mwalimu King'ang'i said.

Mike Mondo poured his comment saying, ''Mwalimu I disagree with you! Don't you think you are failing as a man when you don't have money?''

He also asked the listeners on their views, ''Guys, can you make a woman happy without money? And ladies, do prefer attention over money?''

Here are the fans opinions;

Jennifer Kanyiri Attention leads followed by money as there are some things which a woman needs and requires money for them to be fulfilled ,can't separate the two.

DarkOutsider If money is the main factor in the equation and she admits it then we have nothing further to discuss.

James Mwadeghu Pesa inatengezwa Delarue, Banks ndio hupeana pesa.... sasa kwangu ni mapenzi mtu anakuja kutafuta au pesa surely?? Kama ni pesa mtu aende Bank au Sacco buana.

Tarimo Pesa ni kiunganishi,its like a bridge,kama pesa haijaconnect both sides hakuna kitu. Money first, then zingine zinafata....listening online from Tanzania, Dareesalaam.

MC TONJE I second mwalimu big time. Money makes us comfortable and live a lifestyle we want. However, there's more that love requires such as time,companion, appreciation just to mention but a few.