Men, do you know your woman's health - Maina and King'ang'i are asking

Kenyan men do you know what your women are going through health-wise - Maina after Jahmby's Koikai's death

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i, during the show, discussed women's health since the death of Njambi Koikai who died of endometriosis. 

''Yesterday we asked Kenyan men if they know what their women are going through health-wise. A lot of them had no clue,'' Maina stated.

Mwalimu King'ang'i hoped on the conversation and said, ''Maina you should know there are men who don't like hospitals. Kuna wenye hawapendi harufu ya hospitali.''

Maina then asked the listeners in regards to the matter of discussion, ''Why do men bail out on their women when they become sick? You can even take her to the hospital and the next time she will see you is in a week.''

King'ang'i also asked, '' Fellas, why do you bail out on your women when they are sick?''

Here are some of the responses;

KEEP✧ANDREW Kuna Wanaume wakifika hospital they feel sick so heri watume mtu.

John OT Josh Men are busy building the world. I'll send fare for her mum to come be with her or her best friend. Even the side nigga can come then akipona the owner comes back.

VJ You're always checking on women, women this women that, I've never heard you checking on Men, kila siku women.

Lenny Gathecha Its in our DNA Maina.