Why do couples announce what they have done for each other?- Maina and King'ang'i

On today's show, Maina and King'ang'i brought out a hot topic about relationships. 

They talked of men and women doing something for each other in a relationship or building each other but later announced it to everyone.

Maina asked, ''Ladies when you aid your boyfriend, do you make a big deal about it? Must you go shouting telling everyone what you’ve done for your woman?''

Both of them were surprised by how men and women go tell people how they have impacted their partners. 

Speaking of how a woman who elevates themselves in a relationship, sometimes feels like she doesn't need a man. 

Mwalimu King’ang’i commented by saying, ''The more they go up the corporate ladder the more anaona you are not important?''

 Maina added, ''You must keep up with her. Up your pace.''

Maina and King'ang'i later got on a call with one of the listeners who explained that men eventually become entitled when you do everything for women.

Here are the different views of the listeners;

Dansan Eminen Women are loyal to their feelings not your sacrifices. Stop wasting your hard earned money to negotiate for affection.

Bella Ndichu And the saddest thing is that they even exaggerate.

Jennifer Kanyiri There's no need of telling others about it just act maturely and respectful, let that helping be between you and your man as that what entails as being adults On keeping the pace ,it must go parallel.

Marcia Kabii Not just men, human beings become entitled when you do everything for us! Tuache kuchukua human behavior tunageneralize kwa groub moja!

thotho simeon No, that is where women are getting it wrong while the know the man is the head and they are the neck, and in any way,men feel good when there spouses are always taking care of them.