Is age just a number in the dating pool?

Eric Omondi is a 40-year-old comedian and aspiring politician while his girlfriend, Lynn, is 21 years old.

Recently, Eric Omondi surprised Kenyans after he bragged about his girlfriend on the internet.

Eric Omondi is a 40-year-old comedian and aspiring politician while his girlfriend, Lynn, is 21 years old. 

He is set to marry her and this has brought a lot of concerns due to their age difference.

Some netizens argue that it is not right for him to settle down with a lady that young but he rather should go for women his age or mid 30s. Other people consent to his decision.

Eric Omondi is not the only person to be known who is with someone not of his age.  

Gospel artist, Guardian Angel married a woman way older than him with children as grown as him.

However, some people were against it while others said age is just a number.

In the modern world, we see young women going for old men known as 'wababaz'' and old omen going for young men that they name as 'ben 10'

In ancient times women were married at a very young but ripe age. 

They were married off to old men in the society. Feminism had to fight against that but more so because modern women thought that it is well for a lady to marry whoever she wants and not force marriage.

Nowadays most people do not care about age. Although, most people also date and marry in heir age bracket. A number of people who oppose  tend to say that young ladies go for old men just for money so as to be their sugarbaby

Not to forget that it has always been the woman who is younger than the man. But how young should it be? 

Besides that, women are also reversing the cycle when they become grown by having the ben tens.

Some may claim that age determines your maturity brought by experience, hence one should engage within their age bracket. 

On the contrary, we have seen young women and men who are mature, successful, established and ready to settle despite their age.

Being in modern times where everyone has equal rights and freedom, then people have become free to be in a relationship with people of older or younger age. They say that a relationship only requires love and understanding.

Do you think that when it comes to dating, age does not define anything?