Diamond kwangu hatoki hata mmpe 'Sim 2'! Zuchu tells critics

Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz
Image: Instagram

Female artist from the WCB Wasafi label, Zuchu, has contradicted her statement from two days ago that she and Diamond Platnumz have already broken up, and she is single.

During a full moon party show in Zanzibar with Diamond, Zuchu stated that she and Diamond are like a baby and sleep, as they cannot part ways today or tomorrow.

Photos and videos from their event in Zanzibar last weekend, contrary to their statements two days ago about their separation, show the two in intimate poses.

While performing, Zuchu decided to address their critics on the other side, telling them that if they stayed up waiting for Diamond to leave her side, they would wait forever.

“Ila wacha tutume taarifa kwa upande wa pili si ndio? Wanaohisi watamchukua [Diamond], nawaona mnamaliza Miungu, mnamaliza mikao na utundu, huyu kwangu hapa hatoki hata mmpe mkun**,”

(But let's send a message to the other side, right? Those who think they will take [Diamond], I see you finishing the gods, finishing poses and mischief, this one here won't leave, even if you give him a beating) Zuchu sang.