Chipukeezy: I have 7 beautiful girlfriends

The comedian has always advocated for polygamy as his grandfather had 7 wives

Image: Instagram

Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy has revealed that he is in a relationship with seven girlfriends, addressing recent rumours linking him romantically to Ivy Chelimo, associated with coining the Deputy President's nickname, Riggy G.

In a video posted by a local media outlet on February 16, Chipukeezy clarified that Chelimo is just a friend.

"Ivy Chelimo is my friend... I'm in a happy relationship with my beautiful girlfriends. We're seven now. We are very happy, and it's not a phase. They don't know each other, and they are not meant to know each other," Chipukeezy stated.

Advocating for polygamy, Chipukeezy attributed his lifestyle choice to his family's legacy. He shared that his grandfather also had seven wives, with Chipukeezy's mother being the youngest among them.

Speaking on this family tradition, Chipukeezy expressed his intention to continue it. At less than 35 years old, he stated that none of his current relationships have progressed to the point of marriage.

"It's a legacy I am carrying. This is a fact. My grandpa had seven wives, my mum was the last. And I haven't even reached 35 years. For now, they are qualifying slowly; no one has reached the point of becoming a wife," he stated.

In a past 2023 interview with SPM Buzz, the comedian had said that he had tried and failed to be in a monogamous relationship. "Nikaskia ni kipindi Kwasababu munadisagree juu ya kuextend. So then ni opens so I extend."

I think Im too African niko na ukijiji mob. If I want to have another wife, I will be very open from the word go, I don't want one wife. So that when I have another wife, there is no complaining, sitakaa naona huyu mwingine anaenda Instagram anapost, sijui kulienda aje . Sitaki kujidanganya," he explained his African values