Marakwet Daughter accepts MP's marriage proposal on one condition

The back and forth between the singer and the politician has left netizens with excited reactions

Gideon Kimaiyo and Marakwet Daughter
Image: Courtesy

Southern Keiyo Member of Parliament, Mr. Gideon Kimaiyo, re-shared an online video on Wednesday of singer Millicent Jepkorir, popularly known as Marakwet Daughter, urging him to make her his wife.

In the widely circulated video on social media, the singer of the song 'Mali Safi Chito' was heard expressing her feelings to the politician, indicating that she was ready to marry him.

The singer urged Mr. Kimaiyo to take the step, announcing that she was waiting for him to remove her from the market.

"Come and take me off the market, Southern Keiyo Member of Parliament, Gideon Kimaiyo, I'm waiting for you, babe," the singer was heard saying.

She noted that the first-term MP does not have a wife as she is still waiting for him.

"It's me, come, let me give you a kiss. Babe, come, I want to go to Parliament with you," she said.

However, the musician quickly changed her statement, stating that she was ready to stay at home, and engage in farming crops and animals while the MP continued his work in Nairobi.

Nevertheless, she warned the politician against seeking other girls in Nairobi if they got married, stating that she would be waiting for him at home every time.

"Come, baby, come, if you refuse, I will come to you. Haven't you seen me?" she said.

Responding to the singer's request on the social media platform X, the Southern Keiyo MP said, "Wow, this has gone far."

Many internet users have expressed mixed reactions to Mr. Kimaiyo's response.

Sereti Tonkei wrote, "Honourable, invite us to the wedding."

The MP replied, "Attract me first."

See comments from some other internet users;-

Saleem: Honourable, they are just presenting themselves.

Boniface G. Mwangiu: Wow! Help as you help with schools. Remove her from the market.

Daniel Lairuka Sindani: Take action quickly, don't let this opportunity pass.

Steph’ Gunte: Honorable, don't let such a clean asset go. Opportunities like these don't come often.