Akothee's advice to people still talking about Omosh

This comes at a time when the mom of 5 has clarified that the Swiss man was never her lover but a video vixen

Akothee with Omosh
Image: Instagram

A few days after Akothee responded to her fans about her broken marriage last year, just 5 months after tying the knot with her then-partner Denis Schweizer, popularly known as Mr Omosh, the entrepreneur has urged her fans to forget anything about the Swiss man.

Through her Facebook page, the mom of 5 stated that after addressing the story, she has noticed many bloggers talking about her extensively on social media, with many focusing on stories about the breakdown of her marriage with Mr Omosh.

The artist mentioned that it is amazing to see her being discussed and tagged on social media due to the story of her broken marriage when she wasn't talked about when she struggled to establish her school or helped underprivileged children join high schools.

Making her point, Akothee said that she left things with Mr. Omosh in 2023 and urged everyone talking about it to heal and move on with their lives, insisting that Omosh's story was just like a movie that one watches once and forgets.

"I don't know why bloggers tag me everywhere, what have I done this year? I have never seen them posting about Akothee Academy or even the children I'm currently taking to school, so what's up?

I think I had finished family matters and Omosh issues in 2023. It's a new year and fresh air. These people haven't healed. How many times will you replay one movie?" Akothee said.

This comes a week after Akothee revealed that what happened between her and Omosh in April last year was not a wedding but a video shoot for her song.

The mother of four reiterated that Omosh was not her lover but rather an extra to enhance the event.