Mr Seed on polygamy controversy after Nimo unfollowed him

The siinger had said that "Men are created to have multiple wives".

Mr Seed with Nimo Gachuiri
Image: Instagram

Kenyan gospel singer Moses Omondi, popularly known as Mr Seed, has clarified that he was misunderstood and unfairly judged regarding his recent comments.

The former artist of EMB Records recorded in a recent podcast session making controversial remarks about men having multiple partners, comments that have put him in trouble, even with his wife Nimo Gachuiri, who has publicly criticized him and stopped following him on Instagram.

Defending himself on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon, the musician criticized how people perceived and judged him.

"I have been misunderstood and judged. Anyway, I bless your speakers soon. Keep being with us!!" Mr Seed said.

The talented artist appeared on the Based Podcast and discussed relationship issues, revealing from his experience in marriage that a man is capable of being in a relationship with a woman for three years but still consider marrying another woman.

Mr Seed stated that men are naturally polygamous, and a woman living with a man for a long time is not a criterion for him to feel victorious because one day she might wake up to find out her husband is planning to marry another woman while she is still around.

"Tell me, we men have minds. I can be in a relationship with you for about 3 years, you understand? Just three years of observing you, knowing well that you don't have what I want."

"So, I am there, and one day you wake up and find out the guy has already planned a wedding because this girl already thought she was a winner. We have other female friends, right? Among these friends, we evaluate them to see who would make a good wife. Maybe even your best friend," Mr Seed said.

He added, "Men are created to have multiple wives."

These statements seemed to upset his wife Nimo, who, through her Instastories, strongly criticized him, saying that such words should not come from the mouth of a man who knows he is in a strong marriage.

"So I saw a small piece of the podcast done by Mr Seed, saying whatever he was saying. I didn't even finish watching it. I got angry. So, I turned to him and asked, what are you really saying. Another thing I said, people must think I am stupid! So, it was like you should watch the entire podcast and they chose only that part to trend," Nimo wrote.

"What I want to say is, if it's about love, it was an emotionless thing to say when you are in a committed relationship," she added.

At a quick assessment, Nimo had already unfollowed her husband on Instagram.