Edday Nderitu clarifies on ever sharing Samidoh with Karen Nyamu

This comes at a time when the nominated senator had said she had no problem sharing the Mugithi star

Edday Nderitu
Image: Instagram

The estranged wife of the Mugithi singer Samidoh, Mrs. Edday Nderitu, has emphasized her stance on being in a polygamous marriage.

The mother of three, who has been living in the United States for several months, responded to a social media user on Monday, openly stating that she has not changed her initial position of not accepting to share a husband.

A Facebook user had commented on her post, urging her to agree to co-parent with Samidoh but not share him with another woman.

"I hope you stick to your advisor's words, 'No sharing, but there is co-parenting,'" Purity Amani commented under one of Edday's posts.

Edday responded, "I stand by my word; sharing will never happen."

Edday Nderitu's response.
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This comes just a few days after Samidoh's current partner, Senator Karen Nyamu, hinted that she would be okay with having a co-wife if Edday Nderitu and the singer were to revive their marriage.

The politician made these comments while revealing that the Mugithi star is in the United States to visit his family, which has been residing there.

"He (Samidoh) is there as we speak to see the children. Even if Edday comes back for timeshare many years in peace, she will never be a problem," Karen Nyamu said while responding to a fan in a recent Facebook post.

Samidoh's longtime wife, Edday Nderitu, currently lives in the United States with their children. She left the country early last year and seems to have settled there well, with the children already attending school.

In July last year, Mrs. Edday Nderitu openly stated that she left her husband to be with a woman whom she seemed to desire more.

"Let me clarify a few things shared online that are not correct. I am not in a polygamous marriage, as portrayed, I left my husband for anyone who wanted him more," Edday said through Facebook.

She added, "I made the decision to remove myself and my children from that toxic environment, especially my young daughter who unfortunately was receiving direct exposure to the unreliable behavior displayed."