Vera finally addresses claim she became a Muslim for Brown Mauzo

The ex-couple hasn't been on the best of terms since their split earlier this year.

Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika in the past
Image: Instagram

Socialite Vera Sidika has at last addressed the assertion made by her former spouse Brown Mauzo that she became a Muslim to show the dedication she had for the relationship.

She only did this in an exchange with, in which she refuted the assertion made by the father of her two children.

When inquired about the veracity of Brown's assertion, she said,

"Lmaoooooo. Which interview is that? Mko na jokes."

Mpasho then followed up by stating the source of the interview and asking the curvaceous businesswoman to give a straight 'Yes' or 'No', a question she has now responded to.


"Not true," before adding, "I'm 1000% Christian."

She then proceeded to make what seemed to be a veiled threat saying, "I've been quiet about my divorce but the day I'll speak the world will know the truth about what happened."

Her stringent denial comes a week after Brown Mauzo made the claim she had converted for him in an interview with Nairobi News.

According to the singer, Vera Sidika decided to change her religion for their marriage to become a Muslim couple.

"One day, she called me to explain her intention to change her religion and become a Muslim saying she wants us to be a Muslim couple. This was an important sacrifice she made for our relationship and I agreed," Brown Mauzo said.

The musician revealed that after the 34-year-old socialite converted to Islam, she took the name 'Zara.

"This action really touched my heart, and I discovered the truth behind her intentions in our relationship, although at first, I was skeptical, suspecting that it could be fake... The advent of the religious element made me take our relationship seriously," he said. 

Brown who is currently separated from the mother of his two children revealed that their marriage ended in June this year but waited until August to announce it.

The two were together for more than two years and even had two children together, a girl and a boy.