'I always wanted to be with you!' Brown Mauzo reveals

'I didn't mean for it to happen, but here I am. I love you. My babe chiii,' he added.

Brown Mauzo
Image: Instagram

It appears that musician Brown Mauzo is enjoying renewed success in his romantic life. The musician acknowledged this on his Instagram Stories, writing,

"My goal is to build with you, grow with you, and marry you. I'm not dating to waste time. I see everything I want in you my love. Chiii."

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He continued later in a message that has since been removed, saying that his sole regret was not having the "talk" with the subject of his message. He had always wanted to be with them.

"I wanted to confess this...I always wanted to be with you but even if that never happened I would never regret it. What I regret is the conversation we never heard."

He concluded by expressing that he was now prepared to support her, despite the fact that they had first disregarded their intuition.

"We never tried to listen to what our eyes were trying to say, we never took the risk. I didn't mean for it to happen, but here I am. I love you. My babe chiii."

There's conjecture that the statement is aimed at a certain model who sent a message on Instagram saying,

"I'm tryna ride for you, w you and on you," she penned a few hours before Brown's message.

Currently, Mauzo and his baby mama Vera Sidika are not on good terms, which is evident in his love message.

Following her two-month trip to America, the voluptuous mother of two returned to Kenya, and Vera immediately accused Brown of ruining their son Ice Prince's scheduled face reveal.

A few days later, she stated in response to questions from fans regarding Mauzo's absence from their daughter Asia Brown's second birthday that he hadn't shown up.

Vera, however, seemed to move on fast because she was soon out of the country, cruising throughout Nigeria in Burna Boy's Lamborghini.