Watch: Rapudo and ecstatic Amber Ray seen together after her birthday party

In exclusive videos captured by blogger Vincent Mboya, Amber Ray was seen leaving the club and joining Rapudo in his Range Rover before leaving together.

Amber Ray and her fiancé Kennedy Rapudo

Although there are reports that Amber Ray and her boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo have broken up, the talk around the city is that they might be back together.

As Amber Ray celebrated her birthday on November 4th, Kennedy Rapudo surprised everyone by going online and leaving a heartfelt statement praising fate and God for bringing them together.

Rapudo proceeded to request that Ray go into any club of her choosing, purchase pricey cocktails, and that he would pay the bill because he was a wealthy guy.

"When the world brought us together, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I wish you a happy birthday yet. Happy birthday mama @africanahrapudo 🎂🎊🎁. Pop champagne 🍾🍾 send rich bill," he captioned pictures of Amber Ray who was wearing a black dress.

After their breakup, Amber unfollowed Rapudo, but she hasn't replied to his messages yet. As if that weren't enough, Rapudo unexpectedly turns up in the middle of the night in his fancy car when Ray is out at the club with his pals.

Blogger Vincent Mboya obtained unique footage showing Amber Ray exiting the club and getting into Rapudo's Range Rover before they both drove off.

Amber's relationship with Rapudo went south in mid-October due to an assault incident that occurred while drunk. While sharing about the matter, he said that he decided to choose himself.

"I know it's going to be a long day/week for me, but I'd rather have peace on the inside than hope for refuge on the outside in lies. I'd rather speak my truth than let rumors destroy what I've built for myself and my family so far.

Things in my household haven't been right… but it's going to be okay. My family is going to be okay. And eventually, I'm going to be okay," Amber said on Instagram.

"It's an event that shouldn't have happened and I'm very sorry and with great regret that it happened to someone I swore to protect and love with all I had," Rapudo said on the other hand.  

He added that the isolated incident should not describe him as a violent person.